Web Authentication
Sears Holdings' Web Single Sign On System
What is TAM?
It is a web authentication gateway that allows multiple applications to share the same authentication and authorization information.
Why do we need TAM?
It will allow users to be added to a single database and have their permissions managed in a central repository.  In addition, it will allow a user to log in 1 time and move between applications without re-entering userid and password information.
How do I get an account?
Vendors can contact Sears Holdings Vendor Communications at vendors@searshc.com
Sears Holdings Associates can contact Information Security at ISecure@kmart.com
I have an account, but I've forgotten my password, how can I get it reset?
Associates Click here to reset password
Please contact Support Central at 1-866-562-7800 or 1-700-321-1040 for further assistance.
Vendors Please contact Sears Holdings Vendor Communications at vendors@searshc.com for further assistance.
Which systems currently use TAM?
How will I know if my application is using it?
Any application with the following logo will be using TAM/WebSEAL
Not all TAM/WebSEAL enabled applications will have the logo, but, any application that uses the following login screen is most likely using TAM/WebSEAL
How can I change my password, will it expire?
Your password will expire every 90 days.
You will automatically be sent to the password change screen if your password has expired.
AFTER you have already logged into a TAM enabled application. You cannot change your password unless you are already logged in.

If you want to change your password before it expires you can go to https://mykmart.com/chngpw.html,
Isn't the password the same as my LAN password (mykmart, email, mainframe, PCS...)?
The password is synchronized with the LAN and Enterprise ID password. This means it will automatically be the same as your LAN.
Which systems are scheduled to use it?
All new internal applications are being strongly encouraged to use this authentication gateway. This reduces the amount of work required to maintain the various user directories we have within the corporation right now. There are numerous cost and data integrity issues that TAM will solve.